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Friday, September 17, 2004


Thank God its Friday, I say! Work is boring these days. There are some things to do but I cannot stop thinking about my wedding and how I would just love to get on that plane, put my wedding gown on and be married. I hate this waiting game! I know I know. 4 more weeks and am home. 4 more weeks? Sounds like 4 more centuries to me!
Got a new dress, so GORGEOUS! I feel like a Greek Goddess, Athena or something. We found it in Bluewater with Jackie and Katie. I love these girls, they helped me a lot find my wedding stuffs like my gold shoes and my accessories. Then we chat and ate at Pizza hut! Opps, hope the husband to be does not read this.
Speaking of pizza, am so bad these days. Am supposed to lose weight, but I just can't stop putting dangerous foods on my big mouth. My tummy is flat though, its just my lower tummy bulging like there is a hill inside it.
Am not vain, (well I am a bit) but who does not want to look perfect on their wedding day? I certainly want to! Don't know about you. I really do hate myself, not only because I feel fat but because I cannot descipline myself not to eat rubbish. R U B B I S H! Even looking gorgeous on the wedding day is not stopping me.
Off to London tomorrow, maybe do some more dress shopping and then to theatre when Graham finish his meeting. What's with me these days? All I want is to shop for pretty dresses. Am loving the baby-doll style. But not a lot around that fits me. It's hard being a tiny person in a country full of tall and "big" people. If only I know where Kylie Minogue shops! I bet she doesn't shop though. I bet she has lots of PA doing that for her. Am not surprise, after all she has lots of money rolling around.
Saw Annika yesterday and she brought great news. Yes, did I say that with a distinctive voice? Pregnant she is indeed! Oh, another baby, this one would be blonde and blue eyed, with Irish accent! Wow! Cannot wait to hold her/him!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Diary Online?

Someone's diary is supposed to be a personal thing, almost even a secret. I used to hide mine under my pillow to stop my sisters from reading it, although there's really nothing they don't know about me. So why have an online diary? Why indeed?
The truth is I myself cannot help but read other's diary. I always get a kick out of it! I always want to know what other people are up to. Nosey? Perhaps! But more so, I like knowing what they really think, how they really feel. Because the writer thinks that no one can read their diary, they always write the truth and nothing but the truth. And that is a powerful thing that drives me to read someone's diary, to know the truth. To know the real person, without the facade, without the false laughs.
And for myself, well there's more to it than just being honest to my notebook. It's more literary! I always think that even though I hide it from other people, somehow (maybe when I am dead) someone would be able to read it and think wow this girl can write! I've always wanted to write, but I was never good enough. I'm never good with words, I even stammer sometimes because I cannot just find the right words to say.